Frequently Asked Questions

Great Charity Gifts are a collection of charity gifts like livestock, sewing machines, trees or school kits. First, you choose from one of our great gifts. Then, we send a gift card or e-card to either yourself or your friends or family. The choice is yours! Finally, your gift helps to create a world without poverty.

Schools, groups and businesses can get involved as well. Just call our friendly team to discuss your requirements at 0115 911 7222.
Please allow 5-7 working days for your card to be delivered via Royal Mail.

If you need your card and certificate sooner, we recommend you select the email option. The e-card and certificate are sent instantly to the stated e-mail address for the recipient, after your purchase has gone through.

If you have any further requests or questions, get in touch with our team on 0115 911 7222 or
Eid al-Adha will be on Tuesday 20th July or Wednesday 21st July, depending on which moon sighting you follow. To ensure your card arrives in time, please order by no later than Thursday 15th of July. If you order after that, your card may not arrive in time.

Alternatively, you can order an e-card, which will be sent to the recipient immediately.
Yes, please feel free to email us at, and we can send a soft copy of the certificate to you. Or you can call us at 0115 911 7222.
Yes, please feel free to call us at 0115 911 7222 and we can do this for you.
Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to send certificates and e-cards to multiple addresses and email addresses. However, if you are buying a large gift as a group, and would like to send the e-card to more than one person, you can send the e-card to yourself, and then forward the email to the rest of the group.
If you donate a Tube Well, Dig-a-Well or Community Well, you will receive an update once it has been completed.
This is dependent on the GCG. For some projects, you will be able to select your location, while other projects have fixed locations. For example, olive trees are only planted in Palestine, whereas our water projects are run across several different countries. The available locations are listed on each item’s page.
When you buy a GCG your friend or family member will receive a gift card explaining the gift and how it will help transform the lives of people living in poverty.

You can choose to send a gift card or an e-card and can add a personal message. Then we will send the gift card directly to your friend or family member, and your the GCG item will go to a person in need. If you prefer, the gift card can be sent to your home so that you can give it to the recipient in person.